As a business person, you make tough decisions, manage differing agendas, and juggle multiple demands.
As a person of faith, you want to lead with principle and make a positive impact in your work and personal life.
How can you balance these important, yet sometimes conflicting, aspects of your life?

You don't have to go it alone. Join a trusted circle of "fellow travelers" who explore important themes of work, faith, and life together. Chart a course for confident leadership in all realms of professional and personal life.


Balancing Faith & Work

ACP Award winner!!

Explore important themes of work, faith, and life with this new resource based on the writings of Chris Lowney, best-selling author and leadership expert.

Balancing Faith and Work is designed to help professionals and business leaders bring their personal and professional lives into deeper harmony with their values. 

what people say

"How do I run my business? How do I integrate my faith and work? There is a deep hunger for this, because each human being wants to live an integrated life."
"I have met some of the most interesting people and created a very powerful network, which continues between the meetings. And the skill set is portable; facilitating deep discussions is practice for many other areas of my life."